Basic Throwing Class

200.00 MYR

The trial class will get you started and comfortable with the basics of throwing on the wheel including preparing and working with clay, learning to center, throwing basic shapes, removing your pot from the wheel and cleaning the wheel! Where the following steps for trimming and glazing/ color will be done by our studio.

初级拉坯体验课将带你熟悉陶土、认识拉胚工具与辘轳操作。学习基本的定中心技法,开洞、扩底技法、 基本拉高技法 和清理拉坯机。修坯和上釉步骤会由老师于课后代为完成。

*你将在本课程完成一个作品。因过程繁复,需经过两次烧制 你并不会于当次体验带成品回家,会需要2-3周才能拿到成品喔!

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Please Note

* You will get back one piece of your pottery, but not immediately as we need to fire them so it will take approximately two to three weeks time before you can collect them.

Price includes all materials used in the session.

For cancellation or rescheduling of class, 2 days advance notice is required. 

Unclaimed/ uncollected work for more than 3 months after notice will be discarded or sold at our discretion.


*你将在本课程完成一个作品。因过程繁复,需经过两次烧制 你并不会于当次体验带成品回家,会需要2-3周才能拿到成品喔!



通知侯3个月以上未领取的作品, 将由本工作坊自行决定丢弃或出售。