At 22 Craft Studio, pottery is not just a craft, but a passion. Founded by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated pottery enthusiasts in 2018, our mission is to bring the beauty and complexity of pottery to Malaysia and beyond. We believe in creating a space where skill sharing and experimental craftsmanship can thrive, both in artistic and scientific ways.

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Our products are the result of countless hours of practice, experimentation, and attention to detail. Each piece is individually handcrafted using the wheel-throwing technique, and our ceramics are made from stoneware clay, created in a slow process that allows for maximum durability and beauty.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the environment around us, we love to experiment with a variety of patterns and textures, resulting in truly unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you're a seasoned pottery enthusiast or just beginning to discover the beauty of this ancient craft, we invite you to explore our products and join us on our journey to promote and celebrate the art of pottery.