Pottery Painting Class

150.00 MYR

Unleash your creativity on a variety of colorful paints and pastes to personalize a bisque mug/ bowl/ plate. Our teacher will also be on hand to offer tips, tricks and creative inspiration. At the end of the class, you’ll have your own painted ceramic creation to call your own.

释放您的创造力,打造个性化的素瓷杯/碗/ 碟。 我们的老师也将在现场提供提示、技巧和创意灵感。课前学员可准备想要绘制的图案,老师讲在课堂上予以协助完成

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Please Note

* You will get back one piece of your pottery, but not immediately as we need to fire them so it will take approximately two to three weeks time before you can collect them.

Price includes all materials used in the session.

For cancellation or rescheduling of class, 2 days advance notice is required. 

Unclaimed/ uncollected work for more than 3 months after notice will be discarded or sold at our discretion.


*你将在本课程完成一个作品。因过程繁复,需经过两次烧制 你并不会于当次体验带成品回家,会需要2-3周才能拿到成品喔!



通知侯3个月以上未领取的作品, 将由本工作坊自行决定丢弃或出售。